Our Antarctic base Eco-Nelson needs  volunteers for the program of survival, the green home and of impact program. Station is 27 years ocupied.For keeping on the good standard of the experiment it is necessary to have there a sample of people of all categories, including children and handicapped persons as well, without any age limitations. The minimal period of stay is 45 days, maximal  one year. Expenses including transport of persons, material and wast, cost € 1800-5030 (Punta Arenas -Antarctica - Punta Arenas). Transport from Europe,China,USA and personal costs are approximately € 1.300 per person.Acomodation and food are free.

The station is situated on Nelson Island (200 km2), not far from the Antarctic continent. The houses are built up on the ice-free oasis (4 km2), mostly covered with vegetation. Local coast is formed by sand beeches, rocks or glaciers, during low tides it is partly accessible. In the Edgell Bay there is rather good anchorage. Division between Nelson Island and larger King George Island with the Chilean airport and with permanently occupied stations of 8 states (China, Chile, Russia, Uruguay, Korea, Argentina, Poland and Brazil) is formed by the 400 m  wide strait.
There is ocean climate where temperatures vary only slightly (January +3°C, July -11 °C). One third of days is sunny and practically without wind. The oases are snow-free in summer and with app. 40 cm of snow in winter. The fauna is rich with whales, seals, penguins, birds and various kinds of fish. The nature riches are protected with the exception of fishing and picking up algae for personal use.
The transport to Nelson Island is possible by yacht from South America in 5 days, or by plane from Punta Arenas. An invitation of a station, which then takes responsibility for the invited person, is necessary. The member of our station is limited by 8 kg of personal outfit with regard to the aim of the program of green home. The basic outfit can be found on the station. There is also the restriction to bring about any presents for the station, further soap, shampoo etc. All the waste must be transported back to South America. Main mono of our station is: "Make yourself busy, help others." Meal is prepared twice a day.
When leaving the station, we always write the message with information about our trip. On the land we always walk along the paths, the glacier has to be crossed on a rope, on sea we always use swimming jackets, fire must not be left without monitoring. Oil or wood stoves make 18 - 25°C inside the rooms.
Nowadays the station (first expedition in 1988) is permanently occupied with the crew of 1 -9 persons. Rescue actions can be provided by means of the transmitter, helicopter, or medical service on the Chilean base, rarely by transport to Punta Arenas (5430 dol) .Each thing in the Antarctica has four values: its own prize, transport there, transport back and at least one year of usage without destroying. Therefore it is necessary to treat everything very carefully. It is not enough to transport persons and material to the Antarctica, it is also necessary to bring the waste back. For better understanding of situation we make four-day courses "sea-river-glacier":
 20.-23.5.2016.for cca 130€.              phone:420 382217967 or on lectures see :