Jaroslav Pavlíček

1968: After the occupation by the Warsaw Pact armies, he left the school of philosophy (where he had been studying Korean) and went to the High Tatras to work as a porter and later as second in charge at the Téry Cottage.

1980: Member of a Polish expedition that was the first to reach the summit of Mt.Everest in winter.With N.Uemura ago.
1984: Traversed Greenland in 41 days with two friends.

1987: Published a book, Man in a Harsh Environment, about survival under extreme conditions with several reeditiones,more 70.000 pieces.In czech,english and german.

1988: Sailed to Antarctica for the first of 32 trips till now.

1989: Built the  overnational polar station Eco-Nelson on Nelson Island.

2005: Returned from Antarctica in April to work on the fifth edition of his book and to prepare himself and his crew for the next trip.
2005-2008; Childern experiments /see diary of 13 years old Barbara Knapp/

2007: Returned from South America in April, leaded of investigation rescue action of  accidents. Middle East experiment.
 2009; Experiments in rain forrest,Andas,logistic operation on EcoNelson     foto Tomáš Kubeš
 2010: Antarctic and South America, yachts experiments.     
2011: Argentuna and Antarctica experiments,preparing next edition of survival book. Himalaya and Negev experiments. 
  Return from Eco-Nelson. Looking for lost engine.  Prepare lectures in China.    

2014 New edition of Survival handbook  - together 69.800 in Czech.Present research of survival on other countries. see pavlicekactions.txt.cz  

2015-16 Started with reconstruction of Eco-Nelson after 27 years of permanent activities.  Experiments in Patagonia and Himalaya-from jungle to glacier.  Prepare new edition of survival handbook with stories from experiments.